Special Gold Member Offer

Happy New Years my Goldie friends!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday spending quality time with friends and family.  I am SO EXCITED about 2013 and can’t wait to share with you some new developments.

First off, I am so delighted and grateful to work with the amazing Kerri Konik and her team at Brandscape Atelier to rebrand and change our company name.  Though it has not formally been released yet, I wanted you to be the first to know that our company name will change from ERL Media to “VIBRANCE“.  Vibrance is that magical moment when we shine and are being our authentic self, sharing our passion in order to connect, build rapport and resonate with our ideal clients.  We believe that it’s through this Vibrance and connection that clients will CHOOSE to work with you because they feel like they Know, Like and Trust you before even meeting you. You will close deals faster with more informed clients who understand and appreciate you and reduce the number of tire-kickers or incompatible prospects.  Click HERE  to watch a video on our approach and sharing that magic moment of Vibrance.

From our last Gold meeting,  I am honored that so many of you have expressed an interest in working together to help you bring out and share your “Vibrance”.

I know making videos by ourselves is one of the most frustrating, time consuming and often challenging marketing tasks for many of us.  We spend money on equipment, try to figure out what to say, spend countless hours rehearsing and shooting over and over again, fumble around editing all night long just to end up with an amateur video that hardly reflects the essence of who we are and the meaningful ways we help our clients.  Instead of sounding natural and passionate (Vibrant), we come across as being scripted, mechanical, and even sales-y. Click HERE  to watch a video on making videos yourself.

Since I am based in Portland, Oregon and many of you are on the East Coast and elsewhere, it can be a challenge to do live in-person professional video sessions. Over Thanksgiving, I developed some special packages ($2,890 – $3,690) and announced  that for our next Gold meeting in February, I will be arriving a couple of days early and scheduling individual professional video sessions.

Sharing these packages with a number of you,  I was moved by your tremendous response, as it made me realize how important it is what I do.  Unfortunately for many, especially during this holiday season, timing wasn’t right to make such an investment.  As 2013 is upon us and we consider ways to invest in our marketing to grow our business, I didn’t want the cost to be the single barrier to helping so many of you.  At the same time, I know Fabienne would totally scold me for discounting what I charge.  Instead, I reevaluated these packages and decided to divide my initial brownies into more bite size pieces and scaled back a few options so that many of you can get started with some important “professionally” produced video messages.  The new “Vital Voice” starter package priced at $799.

Since time will be limited, there will only be so many slots available on a first come first serve basis.  I will be booking a nice private suite in the meeting hotel to setup my professional lighting and audio equipment for our video sessions.

Here are the details:


Vital Voice Starter Package:

$790 (sign up before Jan 10th) or $999 (after Jan 10th)



15 minute phone consultation prior to the shoot to help select the (2-4) interview questions and discuss session preparation

20 minute Professional Video Session

Producing between 2 – 4 videos depending on type (conversational interview or scripted intro)

Please note that the focus of this package is strictly professional quality video recording and editing. There is limited post-production editing (music, custom title screens, multiple angles and imagery not included) and consulting (message and implementation strategy not included)in this package.


Possible topics/questions for videos:

  • “Interview with….” (About Us/Me videos)
  • Welcome or Intro video for your home page
  • IFO or sign up and series of videos following
  • Blog content educational videos
  • “My Compelling story” video
  • Sharing customer success stories

Watch video to learn more why you need so many videos


Additional Options


Website “Rapport  Analysis” and 60 Minute Message Coaching

Watch video to learn more why analyzing and planning for the question to be asked in a shoot is so critical.


Based on our expertise we will help you create and customized impact, trust-building questions that will resonate most with your clients.


45 minute Implementation Strategy Session

Watch video to learn how we help you make the most of your investment in videos and how to best use them.


Customized implementation planning session.


Video Thumbnails

Watch video to learn about using video thumbnails to increase audience engagement.



Customized logo and branding for Opening and Closing screens.

We will use you logos and brand to customize the opening (question) title screen and the closing (call to action) screen.

Click here for an example.



Video Transcriptions

Watch video to learn about transcribing the audio of your videos into text for SEO and copy you can use for other marketing purposes.



Dynamic QR Codes

We create QR codes that can be used to link your printed marketing materials directly to your videos or playlists.  You can use the same code yet change where it links to in the future.



Additional video editing

Each shoot includes a single round of editing and revisions, each additional revision after will be billed on a minimum hourly basis.


Videos including photos & music

These videos include photos taken during a shoot or provided by client as enhancements during the conversation footage. Background music can be added as well.

Ask for Quote




Our approach to video marketing and the the power of conversations:


It’s not about “doing videos” but how do I use video as a tool to share my authentic story and attract those who appreciate me for who I am and how I help others.  Less flash and more personal connection that builds trust, connection, rapport, and relationships.  It’s about the people and message and not as much about the tool – videos.


Client Success Stories:

So, I just have to let you guys all know about an amazing person we have in our midst. I hired Yasmin Nguyen to create some videos for my website, as my service is based on building a relationship with my prospects before I can even begin to “sell” to them. The work that Yasmin’s firm produced for me was beyond anything I could have envisioned and I am a very demanding customer. They way he got into my head, and the BIG WHY of what I do, and then communicated that via the videos is absolutely brilliant. Then he explained to me how in addition to using the videos on my site, I can use then on social media platforms, as blog posts, with QR codes, in proposals and presentations, it’s just amazing. He’ll help my VA get it all done as part of the package. I know he is going to be offering some appointments in Stamford (either before or after our next Gold meeting)…..I cannot encourage those of you who are considering working with him strongly enough run, don’t walk to get signed up for his packages. This man’s talent is one of a kind. Plus, he understands what we’re all doing and is part of our “tribe”. Thank you, Universe for putting him in my path!

-Pam Washington, Client Attraction Gold/Platimum Member




Since working with Yasmin… I have a 100% close rate with all of my new prospects. I always send them a few of my videos before our GAC call. His work is stellar. It is the best money I have spent on marketing so far. I also got a major speaking gig with the help of his video. Yasmin… put me on your list for the next gold meeting.:)

-Jessica Drummond, Client Attraction Gold Member








Why clients choose ERL and our approach to video marketing:

MORE VIDEOShttp://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDF65FEDB528A10DD


What types of videos will we be creating?


Below are a couple of example playlists from Pam and Jessica.  For more examples please visit our clients page.


How do I use these videos?

Examples how our clients use their videos as an integral part of the overall websites and marketing rather than just stand alone videos:












Can I just do videos myself?


What if I don’t look good on camera?