What is ERL?

ERL is about being Engaging, Relevant, and Local  through the power of conversations.



In a world where information is overwhelming, what sets you apart from others is to be ENGAGING, RELEVANT and LOCAL.

ENGAGING: You become engaging when you use video as a tool to connect, build trust & rapport, and to educate your clients. Videos allow you to tell your story in a much richer way than just words and pictures alone. Videos allow you to engage the viewer emotionally and connect personally.

RELEVANT:  There is significant value in getting right to the point that is most pertinent to what your clients care about. If someone is suffering from back pain how valuable is it to talk about your credentials, all the other conditions you treat, and present pages full of history, symptoms, types, diagnoses, tests, treatments in an encyclopedia style? Educating people on the key issues of back pain from your perspective, how you uniquely approach it, and what they can expect on their visit can lay the groundwork for trust that you are knowledgeable and experienced.

LOCAL: How valuable is it when you have information from a professional who is clear across the country or even continent? For most of us, the geographic distance poses a significant challenge financially as well as physically to getting the help we need. Having a local resource that you can call or visit makes all the difference.

Combine an ENGAGING approach to communicating with your clients through videos to build trust and rapport, talk about topics and educate clients on things that are RELEVANT to their concerns and pain and tie that into LOCAL professionals who can help with a long term relationship approach, and BECOME ERL!


People work with those they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST.


Imagine a client walking in your door for the first time and greeting you as if they already know you and that you are there to help them instead of selling them something. This completely shifts the dynamics to actually helping them versus sales and marketing. You know that of all the other options, they have CHOSEN to see you. They want to feel confident that you know what you are doing, have experience and training, have their interest in mind, and your approach is complimentary to what they expect. They feel comfortable and you feel comfortable “being yourself” because that is what brought them in the door.

It’s a win/win situation when clients and professionals have an opportunity to connect and learn about each other in an engaging relevant way prior to actually meeting.

When it comes to choosing the professionals and business we want to work with, it’s about people and building relationships.

Finding the “right” business professional (e.g. doctor, accountant, lawyer, real estate agent, consultant, etc) can be challenging and often frustrating. When was the last time you were handed a list of names by an insurance company and told to randomly pick a doctor? What was it like when a friend referred you to an attorney and they were completely incompatible? How frustrating was it to look through webpage after webpage of the same text and image of realtors talking about themselves and not what matters to you?

Successful relationships start with trust, rapport, and a connection with what clients care about. The first few moments of an initial interaction is critical. People consider not only skills and credentials, but also your personality, style, approach, and the willingness to educate them on what matters most.


ERL is about capturing and sharing authentic business conversations.

ERL is about the human element and differentiation.