Why ERL works?

ERL is more than just video production! ERL is about capturing and sharing authentic business conversations.


Why does the ERL approach to videos work?


ERL was built from the ground up, driven by the needs and feedback from our clients. What we do is more than just setup a camera and lights for a video.  We help our clients create relevant messages that are meaningful to their customers through our business and marketing coaching.  When it comes to videos, our clients want 3 main things — (1) Look good, (2) Sound good, (3) Affordable and easy to use solution


1. ERL helps you “Look Good”

 One of the most challenging things to do, unless you are a trained actor, is to look in to the camera and create a video. We use a specially designed interview style approach to capture a real conversation rather than produce a “commercial” video.  People tend to be more relaxed and speak authentically when they focus on having conversation rather than be on camera.  Our professioanl team using professional equipment captures in broadcast ready, quality high-definition video. This give you and your brand a polished yet personal look that reinforces your precious brand. Our goal is to create that “Oprah” or “Larry King” moment where our clients shine on cameral with passion.

Why conversation style videos are effective.


2. ERL Helps you “Sound Good”

The key to sounding good is based on the relevancy of the message. Through our business coaching we get to the heart of what matters most to your customers, which are their problems and concerns.  We help identify your ideal clients, address their wants and needs, demonstrate your authority in the subject matter, show your personality and character through a series of specially designed “questions”.

Why I shose the ERL approach to videos.


3. ERL helps you “Afford and Effectively Use” videos

Most professional production companies charge $1,000 a minute for a single video! Taking all of the factors into consideration there are reasonable ballpark figures that you can use as a guidepost for budget purposes. A two to three minute web-based corporate video presentation might cost between $2500 and $7500 depending on the variables mentioned above. If you use the time honored “$1,000 a minute” for a professionally produced online corporate video as a starting point, that will give you a reasonable idea of where to begin in the budgeting process. READ MORE

We offer a unique approach to producing videos for our clients. We realize that as a business owner, it doesn’t make sense to spend $1,000 / minute of video (industry standard rate). Instead of charging the standard rate of $2,000 – $3,000 each time, what we do is produce and edit your videos for FREE. Each video is a single question/answer lasting between 30 second to 2 minutes. We can shoot as many videos as you like in order for people to really get to know you and understand your business.  Our goal is to develop an ongoing relationship with you and be your go to when you want to create a video message.

We will host your videos, create customized video players, and help you to make the most use of your videos (use them on your website, share through social media, and promoting them locally). This way you can focus on what you do best, your practice, and not have to learn a bunch of new marketing and internet techniques.

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